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Introducing Jackin House

Figured it was time I got this blog running again. Now stop asking me, please 😀 I’m currently re-skinning it and I have deleted all previous posts to disassociate it from what it was before. My music taste has changed since then and will continue to do so. Still, if you have something you want promoting, be it someone you know or just a piece of music and you feel like sharing the love, same address as before.

Jackin House originated in Chicago in the late ’80s in an attempt to keep people happy after the “death” of Disco. As with anything, the genre has changed over time and it recently hit the UK where us Brits left our mark on the genre. At the moment, only club capitals Leeds and Birmingham have been hit by this torrent of House.

Now imagine this: dip a couple wonky, bouncy basslines with some tasty four to the floor and crunchy snares… the end result? UK Jackin House.

Cold Cuts & Lorenzo – Lights On (Original Mix)

Billy Kenny & Chris Gresswell – Diamond Rings (Original Mix)

Almost sounds like a pisstake, doesn’t it?


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